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Alex Bryant
Co-founder of Centricsky.com

Do not waste thousands of dollars on Business Analyst courses or learn outdated material. I will share tips and strategies that will help you become a successful Business Analyst or a Product Owner. 

Finding a job after completing a course…

One of the challenges students often face is finding a job after finishing the course. I firmly believe you can only learn so much from taking online courses or paying thousands of dollars to educational institutes. Then there are other issues such as the curriculum being outdated or taught by instructors who do not practice what they are teaching to the students.

Most schools are only teaching Business Analysis and in some cases, in-demand skills such as Agile methodologies, Product owner, User stories, working with product teams, new tools and techniques are not being taught. The role of a Business Analyst has been changing for the last few years and the hiring managers are now seeking Business Analysis with an Agile skillset or in some cases, hiring Product Owners and not Business Analysts. We are also seeing job postings where the job responsibilities are hybrid of Business Analysis/Product Owner.

Let us do a quick research on job search sites

Go to Indeed or LinkedIn, type in Business Analyst, location, and do a search. Look at the number of positions available for Business Analysts. Now do the same for the Product owner job title and more likely, you will see the same or much higher number of jobs available for the “Product Owner” title. In some cases, you may even see a Business Analyst job description that reads a lot like a Product Owner’s description.

For the last few years, the Business Analyst position is going through a change. This is due to the growing popularity of Agile methodologies, over the waterfall process, new processes, tools, software, and techniques. Do not worry if you are new to some of the termonologies but in a nutshell, it is a better way for teams to work together, follow an efficient process, gather business requirements and work with stakeholders, collaborate and work with the teams more efficiently to bring a competitive product to the market.

  1. The demand for Business Analysts is still strong but the job description has changed and more employers are now looking for Business Analysts with updated knowledge and skills. 
  2. Job search results – The position may be listed as a Business Analyst but most often the job description may have keywords such as “Knowledge of Agile is a plus, “product skills recommended”, “Familiarity with User Stories, Use Cases”, “wireframes” etc. 
  3. The “Product Owner” title started to gain popularity around 2018 and it has been growing! This does not mean the Business Analyst title is going away, it simply means that your chances of getting hired are much higher by having both skills. 

The goal is to help you gain Business Analysis & Product Owner skills. Our hands on-coaching will cover agile framework, business analysis, product owner, real-world scenarios, tools, and techniques to prepare you for the real world.

IIBA Certification is irrelevant and you will be wasting your time by pursuing it.

IIBA certifications are no longer necessary yet Universities or online training instructors will have you believe that it will get you a job and make you more marketable. This is simply not true, and the “We are IIBA endorsed”, is nothing more than a marketing gimmick. If you were to ask me about IIBA Certifications in 2010, or perhaps even in 2012, I would have recommended an IIBA certification. The game has changed, yet some universities and or other technology training schools are still providing outdated information. Agile certifications are much more powerful than the Business Analysts certifications provided by IIBA. The companies are already shifting towards Agile certifications and the popularity of Agile Business Analysts or Product Owners will only continue to grow.

Go to Indeed or LinkedIn and look at the job descriptions or qualifications, you will hardly see employers asking for IIBA certifications. 

Legal Disclaimer: The statements above are considered to be opinions in regards to “IIBA.org”. The author has the right to express opinions based on research and data insights.

How to land a job without experience? 

Your experience is the very first thing the hiring manager looks at when opening your resume. Unfortunately, that’s just how it is, and you are competing with other job seekers that may be more qualified than you. This makes it harder for students to obtain a job.

The same goes for the top consulting companies such as Deloitte, Accenture, KPMG, IBM consulting, etc. If the candidate does not have experience, they cannot work with their clients. The consulting company’s primary source of revenue comes from their clients and it only makes sense that they provide the clients with skilled and qualified resources.

Our training and job placement model

By training and tapping into our resources – our students, we are saving thousands of dollars in the job postings, saving valuable time looking for talent, and helping our students obtain a job with our clients or the potential clients looking to work with us. 

The Digital Transformation Model includes technology and organizational change, hence the shift from BA to Product Owners or Business Analysts with the Agile skillset will only continue to grow, the demand is high and we are investing our time and resources to help our students get into Information Technology.

LinkedIn Profile, Resume, and Experience Strategies 

We help you build your resume and LinkedIn profile so you can start applying for jobs right after you finish your training. We power position you by helping you build a very powerful LinkedIn profile that will be noticed by the decision-makers.

Your Previous Experience

Almost everyone has done some sort of Business Analysis work, it could be at your previous job or side work. We evaluate your previous experience and help you build a powerful LinkedIn profile and also make changes to your resume. LinkedIn is a very powerful professional social network, it is not just for job searching or having your resume on it, most job seekers are using LinkedIn the wrong way or using outdated job search techniques. We position you in such a way that hiring managers start to take notice and we help you get noticed. Human touch is more powerful than reading a resume. 

What to do if you do not have any experience or the experience at your previous job will not cut it?

After the training is finished, we will provide hands-on coaching, projects, and permit you to list Centric Sky on your LinkedIn and resume. Our goal is to make you marketable and power position you in such a way, that hiring managers will take notice and request an interview. As you continue to get coaching, you are building experience with us as well. We are investing our time in you, and more strategies will be shared on the live virtual sessions. Many of our past students were new to Information Technology and now they are successful Business Analysts and Product Owners. We also help you climb the career ladder and get into higher positions such as Product Manager, Digital consultant, etc.

If you have the desire to learn and passion to succeed, we have the training, strategies, and coaching to help you get a job. We invest in our resources and help them grow with us. It is a win-win model.

Our Unique 3-week coaching and job placement process is designed to help you launch a successful career as Business Analyst or a Product Owner.

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Connect with Vic S. Product Director

3-week process to help you get started

Week 1

Join the program & take the Business Analyst online course

Learn skills and techniques used by successful Business Analysts and Product Owners. Additional live coaching to help you get market-ready. The self-learning course will take 3-5 days to complete. We highly recommend you take notes, and use the resources provided.

Self-learning Online Course Curriculum

Module 1:

How to become a successful business analyst, role overview, Business Analysis and Product Owner comparison, process, job trends, real-world scenarios, working with teams, and more.

Module 2:

Software development life cycle (SDLC). Waterfall & Agile methodologies and real-world examples. Working with the teams, In-depth comparison and examples of Waterfall and Agile process. 

Module 3:

Working with stakeholders, gathering and communicating requirements, writing Use cases, User stories, Business requirement documents, and more. Templates provided.

Module 4:

Introduction to UML (Unified modeling language) and diagrams. Overview of business diagrams, techniques, swimlanes, and wireframes.

Module 5:

Hands-on with diagrams.  We will show you the top tools used by the BAs and product owners today. Create a free account, follow examples and start creating UML diagrams. Follow examples as we create Use case diagrams, swimlane, and more.

Module 6:

Hands-on with the #1 product management software used by the BA’s and Product owners today. Create a free account and follow the tutorial. Create user stories, use cases, and learn how to organize work, set-up projects and create tasks.

Module 7:

Introduction to Quality Assurance. Quality Assurance or a QA engineer is a different role altogether and managers usually do not ask Product Owner or Business Analyst to get involved in testing. We have created this introduction model so you can get familiar with the QA process and the User Acceptance Testing (UAT). It is good to know the process since you will have a QA on your team.  

Module 8:

The last module leads to Week 2 or Step-process 2: Live virtual coaching & scheduling zoom meetings with the mentor. We will also share additional resources, tutorial links, strategies, and job tips in this module.

Week 2. Live Virtual coaching with our technology coaches via Zoom platform

We will schedule 3-live Zoom training sessions with you.  Each session is usually 60 to 90 minutes.

Live session 1: 

Provide additional hands-on coaching, training, demos, real-world scenarios, and interview prep.

Live session 2:

Power position you by helping you build a powerful LinkedIn profile, experience strategies, and resume help. This is all hands-on, we will be building your LinkedIn profile live. 

Live session 3:

Go over additional LinkedIn strategies, job search techniques that actually work in today’s competitive market, and by end of session 3, we start looking for a job for you.


Week 3. Putting your resume in front of the hiring managers and help you obtain a job

Week 3 is an ongoing process. We put your resume in front of the hiring managers and continue to market you. Soon as we have an interview request from the hiring manager, we will get in touch with you.

We will share tips, interview prep, and tell you in advance what questions may come up in the interview. 

We leverage our industry connections to accelerate your career. Break into tech with our 

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Helping our students become successful Business Analysts or product owners...
“I connected with Alex over LinkedIn and he is a great mentor and a coach. The staff is very nice and the workshops are very informative. I loved the live interactive learning. Alex and Vic are very knowledgeable and helped me get into IT. Thank you".
Steven Bosnjak
Product Owner
“This is my first time learning from a technology consulting company and not a school. What a big difference! I was confused between going for Business Analyst or a Product Owner career, and after taking the course and attending live coaching sessions, I am at a place where I can apply to both. My coach also helped me fix my LinkedIn profile and I learned some great job tips as well".
Sonya Fernandez
IT Business Analyst
“The videos are right to the point and it goes straight into what the employers are looking for, the skills we need, and things we do not need. The live classrooms helped me prep for interviews and I gained additional Business Analysis skills. I recently landed a Business Analyst job with a startup company. This firm is highly recommended"
Patrick Barlett
Agile Business Analyst
“I worked as a software developer alongside of Vic at Calsouthern. He is a knowledgeable champion of Agile practices and was always willing to listen to developer concerns. He was able to balance development needs with the product owners wants in a quick and polite manner”
Jay Wang
Software Developer
“The Business Analyst course was very informative and helpful, it provided great insights to what is happening in Business Analysis & Product Owner careers. The combination of using the tools and interview prep helped me get a Business Analyst job. The live coaching sessions are very helpful. Thank you to both Jen and Vic".
Suki H.
Product Owner
Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I am working with your client and I am offered a full-time position?

We do not lock you in any contract or put a clause where it prevents you from getting hired permanently with the company.  The decision is up to you to continue your career with us or pursue your career with your new employer. 

Are these contract positions or full-time with your clients?

Contracts, Contract to hire, and full time positions.

Do you provide Visa sponsorship?

No, we do not. You must be a legal resident of the United States and have the ability to work legally in the US. 

What type of industries do you work with? How big are your clients?

Information Technology, Entertainment, Marketing, Finance, Legal, and E-Commerce.  The clients we engage with our Startups, Medium-size businesses, Fortune companies, and large enterprises. 

Are the jobs remote or do I need to be on-site?

Due to the Covid-pandemic, the opportunities are remote. Some of our clients are going remote permanently, and others are only temporarily and may ask consultants to come back once it is safe to do so.  If you are looking for remote positions only, or if you have location preferences, please let us know and we will keep that in mind as we look for the jobs for you.  

You can get hired faster if you live in or near these metropolitan areas:  Boston, MA; New York City, NY; San Francisco, CA; San Jose, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Seattle, WA; Austin, TX;  Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; Chicago, IL; Phoenix, AZ; Washington DC; Atlanta, GA; 

Do I need Bachelor's degree?

Bachelor’s degree is optional but not required. Employers are looking for Bachelors’s or relevant work experience. In Information Technology, new processes, methodologies, and technologies change every few years. Having the right attitude, knowledge, skills, and the passion to succeed is more important than having just a Bachelors’s degree. If you do not have Bachelor’s degree, obtaining an Agile certification will also help bypass this hurdle. 

What is the salary rate?

Depending on the location and experience, an average salary for Business Analyst is between $70,000 to $90,000. Product Owner is between $95,000 to $120,000

Do you provide Product Manager training?

We do provide Product Managers to our clients, but currently, we do not have dedicated resources to provide the training. If you are seeking training, we are happy to give some recommendations. After completing the course, get in touch with us and we would love to help you find a job. Send us an email to: hello@centricsky.com 

Additional questions? connect with Alex or Vic on LinkedIn or send us a text:

About Centric Sky

CentricSky is a growing digital transformation and innovation company that started in 2016 in San Francisco, California. We help our clients grow by leveraging digital technologies and digital transformation frameworks. In early 2019, we added an education training vertical to our company.

I believe our traditional education teaching model is outdated, expensive, and flawed. Often students are left in debt by For-profit schools whose primary goal is to make money. Furthermore, some of the technology course material is outdated and or taught by professors who may not be practicing what they are teaching.

All of our technology consultants are real-world Agile Project managers, Product Managers, Directors, Business Analysts, and Digital strategists working at companies such as Amazon, Salesforce, 21st Century Fox, Apple, eBay, and Startups.

We have partnered up with 200+ companies and our goal is to prepare our students for the future.

At Centric sky our mission is to make Information technology training accessible, achievable, and affordable. We believe education should not cost an arm and a leg. Everyone should be given an equal chance to succeed.