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We Help Entrepreneurs And Business Owners Gain More Exposure, Credibility, And Increase Profitability through marketing grants.

Stop paying for marketing costs out of your own pocket!
We will secure the marketing grants for you and help you grow your business.

Discover how you can build your community, get more traffic, increase leads, have more revenue, ALL without spending a dime from your own pocket.

We will show you the strategies & blueprint that has helped us secure $100k+ in grants year after year for our business and we can do the same for you.

Read what our clients have to say...

"I networked with Vic & Sid at Entrepreneur group and I never thought of growing my business through the marketing grants process. It is simply brilliant and very effective, had no idea companies gave out grants to business owners. I have secured $200,000 in grants and I am using them to educate and bring in more clients to my business. Vic explained the process clearly and the zoom video presentation was very helpful. This is amazing and thank you for helping my business grow"
Lisa Barnett
Business Consultant, Austin, Texas.
"We were spending around $2k - $6k a month on PPC ads and now it is down to zero! This firm has helped us secure a lifetime of Ads and we are now using $10,000/month of free advertisement every month on Google marketing! We are impressed by the level of support we received and helping us in implement this strategy and securing funds for our organization. Within 60 days, we were approved of lifetime of grants! Thank you Vic, Jen, and Sid. Our business is growing and this firm is highly recommended"
Digital Analyst Organization, Los Angeles, CA
"I am a solo-entrepreneur and I am in the health and spiritual business. I was having a hard time promoting my business due to the rising marketing costs. I had no idea about grants strategies or how to use them for my business. I networked and connected with Vic on LinkedIn and attended the marketing grants webinar. The firm was able to help me get $120,00 in Funding and this has helped my marketing efforts tremendously. I am making over high 6-figures in my second year of being in business, and I can't thank them enough"
Surbhi Yadav
Spiritual Health & Products, Founder of Spiritualclan.com
"If you been burned out on marketing costs, or let down by marketing agencies, rest assured the grants strategy is real. They took the time to get to know me, my business and created a blueprint and detailed strategies for me. Within months, I secured $250,000 in grants to promote my startup. I could not do it without the help of this team. My business is booming and they showed genuine interest in my business, thank you guys. I am very grateful"
Steven Bosnjak
Nutrition & Science

Watch the video & schedule a complimentary call and we will go over the following...

  • Learn about your business, challenges and goals.
  • We will go over the step-by-step process we use to help our clients secure $100k+ in grants.
  • How to use grants to get more paying clients, and scale your business.
  • We will give you the blueprint, templates, and implement the process for you that will help you get more clients by leveraging the marketing grants process.

Results Driven Guarantee

Centric Sky started in 2016 and we are a digital transformation and business growth agency based out of San Francisco, CA.  We started offering this marketing grants system to our clients in late 2018. We have perfected this system, our success rate is 90%. If we are unable to secure grants for your business, you do not pay us anything.

We call this a results-driven guarantee. We will do everything for you, secure grants, implement processes, and help you get more paying clients to your business.

If we are unable to get you results, and secure funds for your business, you do not pay us. We call this a no-brainer guarantee.

We only take on clients that we know we can help.

Book a complimentary call, and we will go over your goals, challenges, share strategies including the grants strategy system, and we do all of this for free.

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We've Helped Our Clients Secure A Total Of $200+ Million In Marketing Grants!

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Vested Inc. Economic Dev
Wealth Coaching
Singal Foundation Group
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Tech 37 Organization
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