Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies In California

Centric Sky has been named Top 10 California Digital Marketing Agencies by DesignRush! 

It’s genuinely an honor for our agency to be acknowledged for our results-driven digital marketing for our customers.

Our approach to Digital marketing strategies & automation

Results-Driven Marketing

Increase profits, create and edit marketing strategies based on data-driven model, decrease marketing costs and increase ROI. At Centric Sky, we leverage cutting-edge technologies to deliver results for our clients.

Product-Led Growth

Product led strategy used by major software companies that drive their user acquisition, conversion and business growth through their product. Rather than relying on a sales team to achieve growth, the product does all the work instead. 

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a must in 2021. We implement and train our clients on how to use top marketing automation tools to get the maximum value from Data-Driven approach and AD spent. We have created partnerships with top companies such as Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.

Growth Marketing & Customer Journey

We use growth marketing strategies to target every aspect of a customer journey and continuously trial different tactics to optimize marketing spend. Running a series of tests across multiple digital marketing channels. Use data to see what delivers the best results and then increase their spend on the successful experiments, rapidly increasing business growth.

Data-Driven Business Growth

Another benefit of using data-driven marketing is that it takes out all of the guesswork. Businesses are able to find out what works faster and start scaling quicker.

Considering growth marketing for scaling your business? For the best results, we highly recommend utilizing Digital marketing and technology consulting agency that has experience working across multiple channels.

As the leading growth marketing agency in California, we love combining innovative ad-tech with a thorough marketing strategy for our clients. If you want to learn more about scaling your business through growth marketing, get in touch.