Training & Placement Program

Learn Digital Skills From The Experts who practice and lead IT projects for fortune companies.

Live Interactive Virtual Training that fits your schedule. One-on-one mentorship & coaching.  Hands-on projects, learn the latest in-demand skills and use cutting edge technologies utilized by skilled technology professionals.  

Message from the CEO - Alex Bryant

CentricSky is a growing digital transformation and innovation company that started in 2016. We help our clients grow by leveraging digital technologies and digital transformation framework. In early 2019, we added an education training vertical to our company. 

I believe our traditional education teaching model is outdated, expensive, and flawed.  Often students are left in debt by For-profit schools whose primary goal is to make money. Furthermore, some of the technology course material is outdated and or taught by professors who may not be practicing what they are teaching. 

All of our instructors are real-world Agile Project managers, Product Managers, directors, Business Analysts, and Digital strategists working at companies such as Amazon, Salesforce, 21st Century Fox, Apple, eBay, and Startups. 

We have partnered up with 200+ companies and our goal is to prepare our students for the future. 

At Centric sky our mission is to make Information technology training accessible, achievable, and affordable. We believe education should not cost an arm and a leg. Everyone should be given an equal chance to succeed. 

Training Costs

Our live learning training fees are 30% to 50% less than the other online leading schools.  We are able to do this due to:

  • Centric sky’s primary profit model is technology consulting and implementation. We are able to offer training for far less than the competitors whose primary motive is to enroll students. (For-Profit Schools Model). 
  • Our primary motive is to help our clients with technology consulting, strategies, and growth. This also allows us to tap into our own resources – our students!  We help our students gain In-demand skills, gain experience through us and help them land a job with our clients, vendors, or our partners.
  • We also offer training and placement program. No course fees until you land a job. Read below.

Tuition fees waived - Training & Placement Program model

No course fees for Product Management and Business Analysis training. Only pay when we will help you land a job as a Business Analyst, Product Owner, or Product Manager.

Upon course completion, we will help you land a job with one of our clients or potential clients. If we are able to do so successfully, we will take 20% percent of your salary for the 1st year. This also helps you build and list experience on your resume. If we are unable to help you get a job, you do not owe us any course fees. 

We believe this is a win-win model for both parties. 

Build experience with us, gain in-demand skills, schedule a free meeting today. 

We prepare our students for the real-world

One of the challenges students often face is finding a job after completing a course. Most schools leave it to students to figure out on their own. After all, the school has done their part far as the training goes. After completing the course, students have to figure out the job search strategies, what to do with experience, or how to land a job. 

At Centric Sky, we provide full job coaching to our students after they complete our training. Our technology coaches will prepare you for interviews, help you build a Linkedin profile, recommendations, build experience with us, resume reviews and help you obtain a job with our clients, potential clients, partners, vendors, etc. We provide this extra service at no cost to you.

  • Live training & 1:1 Mentorship
  • Interview mockups and preparation.  
  • Our training is designed with a focus on real-world relevance 
  • Your success helps us reach our goals and we are able to provide a skilled workforce to our potential clients.
  • Courses taught by elite instructors 
  • Learn In-demand skills and participate in virtual live simulations.
  • Hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies used by successful technology managers or consultants.  
  • Build experience with us.

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